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Mirelurk Noodles

New ramen recipe with crab.

Orange Mocha Ricotta Creme

My mother use to make the original recipe a few years ago and I really enjoy it. I usually don't like espresso or anything like coffee. I never thought of combining ricotta cheese, chocolate  and French Vanilla Cafe taste so good. I found out the original recipe is from the The South Beach Diet cookbookMy recipe tastes just like Terry's Dark Chocolate Orange.

Also today is my 25Th birthday. Most people would say I was a Christmas baby but I would say I was born 1 day before Yule makes more since.

Buffalo Chicken Ramen

Tired of plain ramen over and over again? Try this for a change.

Alfredo Chicken Ramen

Another one of my favorite ramen recipes with Ricotta cheese and Alfredo sauce.

Winter Solstice Tea

This tea recipe is from the Youtube user CharmingPixieFlora.Yule is coming soon and this is a great tea to welcome the sun back to the earth. Last year my husband and I started celebrating Yule. Since it was our first year, I wasn't sure how to go about it.

Ramen Flavor Gravy

Don't know what to do with your leftover ramen flavor packets? Do you just eat the noodles dry, like I do sometimes? Don't throw them away, save them. I don't roast a whole chicken that often so I just use a quick way to make gravy whenever  I need it. A few days ago I had venison patties and my husband decided to make Salisbury venison steak. I came up with the idea for the beef gravy with a left over beef ramen flavor packet.

Cherry Nuka-Cola Chicken and Rice

Tasty meal with one of America's favorite soft drink brands. Also makes home made chicken broth.

Venison Chili

I double this recipe for 4 or more people. Some times I use 1 28 oz. of crushed tomatoes instead of tomato sauce. Serve this chili with corn chips instead of eating two bowls.

Venison Roast Ramen

Combining cheap ramen and almost free venison. Use meat from a young deer will be tender in 30 min to 1 hour.

Fallout Gum Drops

Thanks to Fallout Wiki for photo.
Love gumdrops? How about some radioactive gum drops? Na, I'm just joking with you. Now that I have tested this great gumdrop recipe, I will never have to buy them again. You can make different flavors of gum drops by using different fruit juice and food coloring. Use your imagination and be creative!

Internet Explorer Never Again

First off, thank you for reading my blog and I apologize if I ramble on or lack the words in some parts. I'm one of those people that have a hard time going into length on explaining and say very few things.

I have used Internet Explorer since I got my first DELL laptop for Christmas from my uncle in 2000. Naturally being new to the whole internet thing and only using default programs that come with my computer. I taught myself about using computers, by exploring the programs, the internet, how to use and take proper precautions. I had to teach my parents and my in-laws simple stuff, how to use the internet and other programs on their computers.

Pepperoncini & Worcestershire Mac N' Cheese

Tired of plain old Mac and Cheese or have you upgraded to  "Gourmet" Mac and Cheese with bread crumbs?

Here is something  new for a change. I like the Pepperoncini for the crunch and spiciness from the Worcestershire.

(Photo coming soon)

Picante Chicken Pizza Ramen

Tired of the same old plain raman? Spice it up a little with your favorite pizza ingredients.

Potato Squash

This recipe is one of my favorites while growing up. For 2 years I have grown squash and canned to use all year round. I end up with so much squash it should last me for a few years unless there ends up being a food shortage or a fallout of some sort.I usually double this recipe to add meat to the leftovers the next day.

If you want meat, try with shrimp, chicken, beef or venison. The first time I made this for my in-laws, my father-in-law said it needed meat. So the next day with the left overs, I suited shrimp with butter and added to it. Third day I fried chicken in olive oil.I haven't tried with beef or venison yet.

(Photo coming soon!)

Green Tea Marinade

I use this marinade to take way the game taste in venison and other wild game. Also can be used for jerky.


1 cup Sweetened green tea
2 tbs.Italian seasoning
1 tbs. Salt
2 tbs. Meat tenderizer
2 tbs. Garlic powder

  1. Mix all the ingredients together.
  2. pour over your meat or use a flavor injector.
  3. Frigate over night.
  4. Cook the meat the way you like.
  5. The meat will be tender and juicy. 

Fallout Dirty Water Cocktail

I really enjoyed this cocktail. When I came up with this I wanted a cocktail with milk and green tea. I also made one with Vodka and compared between the two. Hands down the one with White Rum  with cherry juice was better. Reminder, this recipe is intend for 21 or older. Eventually I will buy a Cocktail Shaker and Martini Glasses.


This year was the first time I went squirrel hunting with my husband. After we got several squirrels, I had to come up with a recipe and thought why not do another Fallout related recipe since my Mojave Stew.

Mojave Stew

I've been a Fallout fan since my husband bought Fallout 3.This recipe is base on Cook-Cook's Feind Stew from the game Fallout: New Vegas. I'm hoping I can make more fallout related recipes soon.