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Internet Explorer Never Again

First off, thank you for reading my blog and I apologize if I ramble on or lack the words in some parts. I'm one of those people that have a hard time going into length on explaining and say very few things.

I have used Internet Explorer since I got my first DELL laptop for Christmas from my uncle in 2000. Naturally being new to the whole internet thing and only using default programs that come with my computer. I taught myself about using computers, by exploring the programs, the internet, how to use and take proper precautions. I had to teach my parents and my in-laws simple stuff, how to use the internet and other programs on their computers.

I'm one of those people who doesn't fallow trends until its like a few years old news. About two months ago, I have started this blog using Internet Explorer. I decided to test my blog with Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. I actually prefer Google Chrome, the first week was a little hard to get use to it since I used Internet Explorer for so many years. To me Google Chrome is more user friendly, the security is better and has more stuff if you like apps. My husband started using FireFox about six months ago, I personally don't like it.

After the 2 months of using Google Chrome. I went back to Internet Explorer to see what my blog catch looks to my viewers from the Google search engine and if my blog showed up on the first page in the search. I clicked on the title and all I can see is what is shown in the photo. I've tried to search for a answer as to why this is happening. Many other bloggers and viewers are having this same problem. My second blog doesn't have this problem. There has been times I would have Internet Explorer open to just with a search engine main page and get hit with 2 Trojans and my husband got hit at the same time with nothing up but thank the Goddess AVG stopped them. But I think the Trojan attacks was someone trying to hack into my network. Other times Internet Explorer would freeze on me just doing a search on Google. I have just had enough with all the bugs and the security issues in Internet Explorer. Is there any way to fix this problem?

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