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Winter Solstice Tea

This tea recipe is from the Youtube user CharmingPixieFlora.Yule is coming soon and this is a great tea to welcome the sun back to the earth. Last year my husband and I started celebrating Yule. Since it was our first year, I wasn't sure how to go about it.

I would talk more about paganism but I don't know enough. I want to learn more. I've been  very interested in Paganism/Wicca for about 10 years, falling in and out of it because I give up too easy. I feel most spiritual from October to December. The only way I see myself learning is if I ever find a mentor. Its easier for me to learn visually and hands on than just reading about it. I have read a few books by Scott Cunnningham.

I have been trying to find people in my little town. If there are people in my town then they must been keeping it hush hush. Most people in my town are judgmental. I remember back in high school when I first got into Wicca and learning about it, people would call me the ugly name "devil worshiper". I just simply ignored them and try not to stoop to their level. I had very few friends and they supported me in my new founding faith.

Three years later, once my husband and I got our own home, he started to want to learn more as much as I do. He keeps saying if we do have children he wants them to fallow the same path too until they get old enough to make their own decision to choose another path if they wanted to. Right now financially and my personal choice I don't want to raise children. How do you celebrate Yule?

1 jar of Tang
2/3 cup of Instant tea (unsweetened)
1 pack of Lemon aid or 1 scoop of 4C Lemon aid mix
1/2 cup of sugar
1 ts . Cinnamon
3/4 ts of crushed cloves

  1. Mix and store in a glass jar.
  2. Use 2 teaspoons of mixture in a mug with hot water.

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