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Fried Venison Dinner

Venison cut in strips.
white potatoes
1 Leek
1 Sweet onion
1/2  red cabbage
1 collard greens
Favorite spices
Olive oil

1. Cut onion and cut only the white part of the leek to your liking. Save the leaves.
2. Pull the leek leaves apart and clean if there is any dirt. Chop the leaves to your liking.
3. Saute onion and leek in butter and salt.  
4. Cut cabbage and collard greens to your liking.
5. Saute cabbage, leek leaves and collard greens in butter and salt.
6. Flour venison in flour and your favorite spices.
7. Fry venison in olive oil and butter.
8. Place fried venison on a rack over a pan.
9. Boil potatoes, when tender to your liking, drain water and mash potatoes. Add salt, butter and milk to potatoes and mix well. Enjoy.

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