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Fairfield Fiddle Farm Beginners Fiddle Book

The Fairfield Fiddle Farm Beginners Fiddle book 1 is a fun book to learn shuffling and double stops. I've had this book since 1996 and I never used  it until about a month ago. I've know how to play double stops for several years but shuffling is new to me. Someone explained the shuffling the easiest way of understanding of the bow strokes as long,short short,long.The first two song at the beginning are recognizable to most people in a country style: Mary had a little lamb and Old MacDonald had a farm. My favorite two songs that I can play fairly well from this book are the Camptown Races, Cripple Creek. 

A member from the Fiddlerman.com forum shared a link to a website that you can pick a old time song and jam with it called Old Time Jam. I haven't had a chance to try it out so maybe a future post about my experience. 

A video of me playing a few songs from this book. The reason for stopping and squeezing my hand because I have arthritis in my right hand causing me be sloppy on some parts. I didn't repeat part of the songs to cut down on time for the video. I've got a little bit better since this recording.

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