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Mini Octopus Weenies

Boiled Octopus weenies using Ball Park Beef Franks.

As you may or not know I've been a fan of Japanese culture, anime and manga for many years. Several years ago I use to be subscribed to the Shojo Beat Magazine. In one of the sections of the magazine called East meets West they had a article on Beno Basics with recipes. One of my favorites was the Octopus Wieners (Tako Uinnar). The recipe in the article says cut the hot dogs in half but I decided to make mini ones instead. The other two recipes are Japanese Omelet (Tamagoyaki) and Rice Balls (Onigiri). Maybe in the near future if I can make these recipes decent after tweaking to my liking, I'll post them.

Hot dog weenies

1. Cut each hot dog crosswise in 4 pieces or more if you are using bun size.
2. On each piece, stand it up on its end, with the flat, cut side pointing up.
3. Slice down the hot dog  two times half way down. (see diagram below)
4. Then turn  the hot dog and make two more perpendicular to the first.
5. Remove the resulting leftover piece in the middle to form the eight legged octopus.
6. You can also cut out  eyes and a mouth on the top part of the hot dog.
7. You can broil, stir-fry, microwave or boil your octopi until heated or cooked through. As they cook, the legs curl up a bit.

Fried octopus weenies using Ball Park Beef Franks.

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