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So long 2011, Hello 2012

2011 is gone and now its 2012 to start a new year. last year was big hectic year, hopefully there is less to worry about this year. More recipes will be posted soon. I've been studying more on Wicca for the last few months. I was finally able to get more books before Yule.Went to a antique shop and found two little bells from Seneca Rocks, WV for $8. For my birthday I got a little cauldron to burn lose incense, Fraya statue and charcoal tablets from Amazon.com for my alter and my husband decorated my birthday cake with the triple moon goddess symbol.He has also been helping me make my Athame. I'll have a new post with step by step of what we did for my Athame when its finished.



Also got a new sword from Trueswords.com called Conjuring Wizard's Spell-Proof Fantasy Sword. It reminds me of the Green Man. I just love the acorn on the end of it. My husband was talking about hanging it up on the wall in our dinning room. I was thinking in the hallway near my alter but we will see when I get a chance to hang all my photos in the hallway.

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