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Banana Orange Smoothie

Banana Orange Smoothie

Wash all fruit in a mixture of water and vinegar. After making the smoothie save the citrus peels. 

2 Apples
1 Lemon
1 Lime
1 Orange
2 bananas
Almond milk

1. Remove core and peel from Apples and cut in slices
2. Squeeze juice from all the citrus fruits.
3. Add Almond milk and blend or liquefy
4. Add bananas and blend or liquefy
5. Enjoy!

 Citrus Chips

1.    Remove the pith layer of the citrus rinds.
2.    Lay the inside of rind down in a dehydrator tray. Thicker rinds like the orange need to be closer to the fan.  
3.    Set to Jerky temperature and leave overnight to dry.
4.    Use these chips for tea, incense, potpourri, zest powder, fragrant firelighters or Vitamin C powder    

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